High quality proteins made available through a gentle process

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Proteins – everyone needs them, but some consumer groups cannot seem to get enough of them. Norilia has implemented a gentle, trade secret protected process to make the most out of poultry proteins. This process makes the proteins more easily available and they can be used in a wide range of applications.

The protein advantage

Protein is more than a buzzword – it’s an important building block of the body and is needed to build and maintain muscle mass. Not everyone manages to obtain sufficient protein from their diet to reach their health goals.

Vulnerable groups such as the elderly or those with sensitivities (including pets) often do not eat sufficient food or have issues digesting the proteins they do consume. Consumers interested in sports, performance, and nutrition also need easy-to-digest proteins that are readily used by the body, but they may find a lack of variation in the available supplements. There is a demand for savory protein supplements that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Protein - building block for health

What is a protein, really?

Proteins are the most important building block in all living tissues. Proteins are made of long chains of amino acids. In humans there are 20 different amino acids used to build proteins. The body can make amino acids on its own, but not all 20 of them. Nine amino acids are so-called essential amino acids, and need to be acquired through our diet.

A pair of amino acids is called a dipeptide, and a trio of amino acids is called a tripeptide. Chains of up to 10 amino acids are called oligopeptides, and more than 10 amino acids is called a polypeptide. The digestive needs to break down the protein we eat to dipeptides and tripeptides, in order to utilize the proteins. Only then are the peptides small enough to cross the intestinal barrier and be taken up in the bloodstream.

Did you know that proteins are key to most functions in the body? They play an important role in building and maintenance of muscle, bones, skin and mucus, and in transporting oxygen and nutrients in the blood. Proteins also play a role in the immune system, and in the storage and transport of different components in the body. The enzymes that are used in our enzymatic hydrolysis process are also proteins. We use the best of nature for our poultry nutrition ingredients.

Extracting the best from poultry

Norilia saw an opportunity to satisfy this demand – extract the best out of high-quality poultry raw materials, to create a high-quality protein ingredient for use in a range of high-protein applications. Our raw material from Norwegian poultry farms is our starting point. Vertical integration of the process into the supply chain is how we maintain this quality throughout. Control over the process is what guarantees quality for our customers.

Proteins made available by enzymes

Proteins are extracted from poultry materials using continuous enzymatic hydrolysis. This process has been adapted from our technology partner, Biomega AS, who have used their expert competence to successfully implement this process in the fish industry. The process uses traditional food enzymes (organic catalysts), which are also proteins. These enzymes cut down the proteins from poultry into smaller proteins or peptides. The body can absorb these peptides faster than whole proteins (as can be found in for example chicken fillet).

A sustainable process

Nothing is wasted in this process – in fact, all of the raw material is turned into valuable products. Oil, and a mixture of non-soluble proteins and minerals are two other fractions that are produced, in addition to the protein fraction. These products have their use in, for example, food and food preparation, nutritional supplements and pet food.

Studies by Nofima AS and SINTEF Ocean showed us the best process that results in the best quality and optimal taste, and studies by the University of Bergen show that the resulting protein hydrolysates can affect the metabolism of rodents that consumed the hydrolysate. The process has now been put to use in a new business called Bioco – owned by Norilia and Felleskjøpet Agri.

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