Our performance nutrition ingredients

Below is an overview of Norilia's performance nutrition ingredients and some insight into the many applications of these ingredients.

Our poultry protein and oil ingredients

All of our poultry ingredients are made from fresh, high-quality poultry raw materials from Norwegian farms. Our poultry protein has been carefully developed to contain an optimal peptide size and taste, for use in a wide range of applications. Poultry protein also has a favorable amino acid profile. Our poultry protein is therefore well-suited for protein enrichment of various foods, drinks, and nutritional supplements, targeting those with a need for more protein in their daily lives.

In addition to our pure poultry protein, we also sell a mixture of poultry protein and minerals. Collagen and calcium are the main ingredients of this mixture, making it well-suited for incorporation into products targeting mineral or protein supplementation, or for products in the beauty and wellness categories.

Our poultry oil can be used for a wide range of applications. Its favorable fatty acid profile and taste make it suitable for use in various food applications. It can be used as an ingredient, or for various cooking and frying applications in industrial settings or in the consumer home. It is especially well suited for use in products where a high nutrition/caloric density is desired, together with a good fatty acid profile.

Our egg ingredients

All of our egg ingredients come from fresh, high-quality eggs from Norwegian chicken farms, which are known for their superior bacteriological health status. Our eggshell calcium has the benefit that its organic composition is more easily utilized by the body than comparable calcium from mountain mineral origin. It is therefore well-suited for use in various applications where calcium supplementation is required.

Our eggshell membrane is a complex ingredient with many potential applications and benefits. It contains a host of bioactive components that are of relevance for nutritional applications focusing on health and wellness. Its fibrous protein-rich structure also makes this ingredient interesting for use in cosmetics.

The quality of all our ingredients is secured through vertical integration with our raw material supplier Nortura. All of our raw materials and ingredients are food grade.



Øystein Danielsen

Director Ingredients