Collaboration is the key to our innovation success

Norilia's innovative products and ingredients are refined through value-adding processes and smart technologies. This has been made possible through collaboration with partners with expert competence, both from academia and industry.

Expert competence to go from idea to implementation

Ideas and inspiration for our innovations come from our raw materials, from our customers, from researchers or from what society needs. Turning these ideas into products with added value to our customer often requires smart solutions and processes. To achieve this, we often seek out expert competence from academia and industry to collaborate with us.

Research as the basis for our innovations

Research that helps us to better understand our raw materials and to find innovative applications is fundamental to our innovation work. We collaborate with a number of national and international universities and research institutes on research and innovation projects. Our partners often have special competence in processes or our raw materials. The ReGenWool project, for example, brings together wool experts (Norilia), biopolymer processing experts (SINTEF Industry), and textile experts (Helly Hansen) to create new materials from wool.

Photo: Sune Eriksen

Smart ideas and solutions from our industry partners

Our industry partners are also vital for turning innovative ideas into reality. Biovotec's interest in using Norwegian eggshell membrane in chronic sore treatment and their expert technology and medical application competence is the start of our eggshell membrane success story.

Our protein hydrolysates are also born from a collaboration with industry (Felleskjøpet Agri, Nortura SA, Biomega AS) and the research environment (SINTEF Ocean, Nofima AS, University in Bergen) – from idea to implementation.

For us, collaboration is the key to finding new ways to refine our top-notch raw materials into high-quality, value-added products.



Heidi Alvestrand

Director Business Development

Marije Oostindjer, PhD

Chief Advisor Bioprocesses and Business Strategy

Marianne Skov, PhD

Chief Advisor Nutrition