Our research and innovation projects

Norilia is very active in research and innovation, in collaboration with universities, research institutes, and other companies. These projects help us to refine our raw materials into products the world wants and needs. Below is an overview of our ongoing projects, which have received support from public funds.

Norilia is a partner in the following projects:

Research projects:

SFI Foods of Norway – creating new feed types from Norwegian raw material, for example by using yeast.

SFI Digital Food Quality - Using sensor technology and other digital tools to improve quality of food ingredients, including protein hydrolysates.

SFI Industrial Biotechnology - Development of a centre with expertise and technology for biotechnology, including enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation.

Byprovalue - using fermentation with yeasts and fungi to establish the transformation of animal fat to high value multifunctional biomass.

Notably – using cascade technology in enzymatic processing.

GrowPro – the upscaling of cultured meat.

TailoTides - Sensor-guided enzymatic protein hydrolysis and seperation technologies for tailored biomanufacturing of bioactive peptides.

LMD project - testing the effects of chicken hydrolysates and oil on prevention of metabolic syndrome.

Amazing Grazing - Sustainable food and fiber from Norwegian sheep rangeland grazing systems.

ProBone - finding new enzymes that can degrade bone in the marine environment.

Lipid-Inflamma Genes - investigating effects of lipids in beef, pork and dairy on inflammation in cells, and investigate mitigating factors.

Innovation projects:

Hydroprot – developing new, tailored food concepts using hydrolyzed proteins.

RegenWool – creating new, functional materials using regenerated keratin.

OptiEgg – developing new, tailored food concepts using the entire egg.

Next Pet - Developing functional and targeted pet food products using innovative biobased ingredients.

SmartBio – the use of online measurements of raw materials in process optimization.

Norilia also has four different Skattefunn projects.

Our research and innovation partners



Heidi Alvestrand

Director Business Development

Marije Oostindjer, PhD

Chief Advisor Bioprocesses and Business Strategy

Marianne Skov Markussen, PhD

Chief Advisor Nutrition