Nortura – a farmers’ cooperative

Norilia AS is wholly owned subsidiary of Nortura SA. Nortura is one of Norway's biggest food manufacturers, producing both meat and eggs, and is organized as a cooperative owned by more than 18,000 Norwegian farmers.

Photo: Nortura SA

Norway’s leading supplier of meat and eggs.

Nortura is one of Norway's largest food manufacturers, and the leading brand supplier of meat, processed products, and eggs to the Norwegian market, with well-known brands such as Gilde and Prior. Nortura works hard to promote food enjoyment, health, sustainability, and value-creation across the country.

A cooperative owned by farmers

Nortura is organized as a cooperative owned by more than 18,000 Norwegian farmers and has more than 30 production facilities all over the country, with 5,200 full-time employees. In 2017, turnover was NOK 23 billion.

Photo: Sune Eriksen

Nortura's purpose is to sell its members’ meat, eggs, live animals, and wool so that they get the best possible return on their livestock production – in the short and in the long term. They do this through the group’s core operations, which include slaughtering, cutting, processing, egg packing, sales, marketing, trade of hatching eggs, trade of live animals, trade of wool, and advisory services.

Nortura received a volume of 267,500 tons of livestock and eggs in 2017. Their share of the Norwegian farmers’ production was 70.5% of red meat, 55.7% of chicken/turkey, and 72.8% of eggs.

Sustainability and added value

Nortura strives towards sustainable and responsible production. To achieve this, it is vital to ensure that all resources are utilized in the best possible way. Therefore, every part of the animal is used, and nothing is wasted. At the same time, additional value is created, adding a plus to the cooperative owners and to society. These plus-products are handled by Nortura’s subsidiaries - Norilia being the most important one.