Scapo Hides AB

Scapo Hides AB is a 100% owned subsidiary of Norilia, which enables the refinement of Nordic hides and skins in Norway.

Photo: Scapo Hides AB

Scapo Hides AB was started with the purpose of selling hides, skins, and offal from Nordic countries outside Norway. The company is 100% owned by Norilia AS.

Hides and skins that are bought from other Nordic countries are refined at Norilia's hide plant at Skjeberg, Norway. Scapo Hides AB sells hides and skins on the global market.

Scapo Hides AB also buys and sells other byproducts from Nordic slaughterhouses.

Scapo Hides AB hide and skin products



Tufan Yurt

Director Hides and Skins