Scapo Hides product overview

Scapo Hides AB was started with the purpose of selling hides, skins, and offal from Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. The company is 100% owned by Norilia AS. Below is a list of their products.

Wet Salted Swedish Cattle Hides

  • Bull/ Heifer Hides 33/+ kg
  • Bull/ Heifer Hides 24/33kg
  • Ox/Heifer Hides 17/24 kg
  • Kalbinox Hides 11/17 kg
  • Cowhides 17/ + kg
  • Cattlehides, thirds

Other Types of Wet Salted Swedish Hides

  • Horsehides
  • Sow skins

Wet Salted Swedish Skins

  • Lambskins, long wool


Tufan Yurt

Director Hides and Skins