Norwegian hides and skins – out of this world

Norilia has been handling hides and skins since the 1960s. Since then, Norilia has sold cattle hides and lambskins both nationally and internationally.

Photo: Sune Eriksen

Norilia has decades of experience selling hides and skins

Traditionally, each Norwegian slaughterhouse would sell their own hides and skins. In the 60s, this changed when hides and skins began to be sold collectively. This change particularly increased the volume and the sale of Norwegian hides abroad. Today, Norilia handles 90% of Norwegian cattle hides in terms of value, and 80% of Norwegian lamb, sheep, and goat skins.

Did you know that the hide and skin department has only had 2 leaders in its 50 years of existence? Øivind Enger was the first, and Lars Christen Dørum has been the leader since 1991.

A player on the global hide and skin market

Norilia sells Norwegian quality hides and skins globally. We export hides and skins to Europe, South- and East Asia, Indonesia, and South America. Italy is an important market for us, with its many tanneries and producers of high-quality leather goods.

Long-term collaborations with our customers

At Norilia, we have a focus on long-term customer relations. The Hides and Skins Department is proud to have customers who have been with us for decades.

Norilia offers high-quality goods and a thorough follow-up throughout the entire process: from initial purchase interest, to contracts, to export. We are an excellent supplier and partner for our customers.