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Hides and skins product overview

Norilia offers high-quality Norwegian hides, both fresh and salted. Norwegian hides are considered among the best hides in the world. Norilia also offers skins from lamb, sheep, and goat. Skins from small Norwegian ruminants are of excellent quality and size, and Norwegian skins have a good reputation in the international market.

Wet Salted Norwegian Cattle Hides

  • Bullhides 33/+ kg
  • Bullhides 24/33kg
  • Ox/Heifer Hides 17/24 kg
  • Kalbinox Hides 11/17 kg
  • Kipshides 3.5/11 kg
  • Calfskins -/ 3.5 kg
  • Cowhides 17/ + kg
  • Cattlehides, thirds

Other Types of Salted Norwegian Hides

  • Cattle Hide, Headpieces
  • Horsehides

Fresh Norwegian Cattle Hides

  • Bullhides 42/ + kg
  • Bullhides 30/42 kg
  • Cowhides 21/ + kg

Drum Salted Norwegian Skins

From sheep:

  • Sheepskins, long wool
  • Sheepskins, short wool
  • Sheepskins, shorn
  • Sheepskins, thirds

From lamb:

  • Lambskins, long wool
  • Lambskins, short wool
  • Lambskins, shorn
  • Lambskins, thirds

From goat:

  • Goatskins, large
  • Goatskins, medium
  • Kidskins


Lars Christen Dørum

Director Hides/ Skins