Ingredients built on competence – for the benefit of our customers

Norilia's ingredients have been established using the specialist expertise of academia, research institutes, and our industry partners. These collaborations have resulted in a better understanding of the potential of our raw materials and better processes to harness this potential - all so that our ingredients will benefit our customers.

Photo: Sune Eriksen

Product development based on customer needs

Our ingredients are made with our customers’ and their customers' needs in mind. The inspiration behind the development of our ingredients comes from a clear demand for healthier and more sustainable products.

Ingredients that contribute to health and sustainability

For active consumers, consumers belonging to vulnerable health groups, consumers of advanced age, or just consumers on the go looking for a little boost, health is an important keyword. Norilia's ingredients are based on raw materials from Norwegian farms – a fantastic starting point for developing healthy and sustainable products. Norilia's entire business model is based on circular economy – a pillar in sustainability.

Ingredients built on competence

To harness the full potential of our raw materials and ingredients, we have worked together with academia, research institutes, and industry partners to develop new processes and technology that help us create high-quality ingredients with properties suited to our customers and their customers. We are always on the lookout for additional ways in which we can create value for our customers through continuous product development and optimization.



Øystein Danielsen

Director Ingredients