Norilia participates in two recently started SFIs

Research and innovation are crucial for Norilia to create new products that our customers want and need. The Norwegian SFI program - Centre for Research-based Innovation - provides a perfect platform to research and innovate together with both research institutes and industrial partners. Norilia joined two recently started SFI projects. SFI Industrial Biotechnology; and SFI Digifoods.

Logos for the SFI projects

Photo: Sintef / Nofima

While both projects officially started in December 2020, the majority of the research activities will start now after summer. There are some exciting things planned in both projects, of which Norilia is hoping to learn a lot from. Several of the activities will include Bioco as well. The Centres will be active for a period of 5+3 years.

The SFI Industrial Biotechnology, led by Sintef, aims to take a strong position nationally and internationally as a competence centre for biotechnology. This includes industrial enzymes and biocatalytic processes, fermentation and microbial cell factories, and biogas. Norilia is involved in both the biocatalytic processes and fermentation as possible ways to create new and improved products from our raw materials. Read more about the project here: Industrial Biotechnology website.

The SFI Digital Food Quality (or Digifoods for short), led by Nofima, is combining the different expert environments in Norway that work with sensor technology, robots, data handling and food quality. We will continue to investigate how we can use these tools to improve the quality of our products and to create market-targeted products that add value for our customers. Digifoods recently launched their website:



Heidi Alvestrand

Director Business Development