Plaster with Norilia's eggshell membrane ready for testing in hospitals

Our eggshell membrane ingredients is one of our success stories. Biovotec has developed a new type of plaster that will be used to heal chronic sores. The eggshell membrane plaster is now ready to be tested in hospitals.

Norsk Landbrukssamvirke wrote an article about the clinical tests that will be performed in several hospitals in the United Kingdom in the coming months (article in Norwegian only): Read Norsk Landbrukssamvirke's article here.

NRK previously wrote an article (Norwegian only) about Biovotec and the development of the eggshell membrane plasters: Read NRK's article here.

Read more about Norilia's egg success story here.



Heidi Alvestrand

Director Business Development

Øystein Danielsen

Director Ingredients