Norwegian Wool available as insulation for sports- and active wear

Through Norilia's cooperation with Baur Vliesstoffe and their brand Lavalan® , Norwegian Wool is now available as insulation for sports- and active wear.

Rocker Jacket from >A

Rocker Jacket from >A with Norwegian Wool insulation from Lavalan® inside

Photo: Kristoffer Myhre

>A chose Norwegian Wool insulation for their Rocker Jacket

When alpine skier Aksel Lund Svindal and his partners launched their first collection under the brand name Greater than A this winter, Lavalan® made by Norwegian Wool was chosen as insulation for their Rocker Jacket. >A want to play a part in the growing movement of clothing brands working to change the fashion industry from within: Brands offering a new breed of conscious consumers better and more sustainable choices for their wardrobe. Lavalan® made by Norwegian Wool becoming part of the solution.

Amundsen Sports decided to change a full collection from plastic to wool insulation

It was Amundsen Sports who first asked Baur Vliesstoffe if it was possible to produce Lavalan® with Norwegian Wool. “Over several years we have been filling our garments with Polyester fibres as most suppliers in the market. When we learnt about Lavalan® and the possibilities to change the insulation to wool – we were really intrigued to learn more as we already work a lot with wool in our collection. Although slightly heavier than polyester, the function of temperature regulation was the first thing that caught our interest. If an insulated jacket at some point can release heat as well – you will for sure be more comfortable in a variety of situations. Secondly, the environmental benefits of a sustainable natural fibre vs. plastic is logic in our mind. Based on this we decided to change a full collection from plastic to wool insulation”, Jorgen Amundsen, CEO and Founder Amundsen Sports.

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Marion Tviland

Director Wool