Norilia and Himmerlandskød have established Norilia Nordic

Norilia and Himmerlandskød have established Norilia Nordic as a shared trading company for Nordic hides and skins. Both companies wish to build further upon the strong market position that Norilia has established for Norwegian hides and skins, and extend this to Nordic quality hides and skins.

Photo: Norilia and Himmerlandskød

Norilia Nordic has been established to create added value from hides and skins from collaborating Nordic slaughterhouses. Shared refinement and sales of hides and skins, as well as increased volume and a broader assortment, will make Norilia Nordic a larger, more competitive and more attractive supplier of Nordic quality hides for the international tanning industry. Shared coordination, refinement, and sales will also result in cost reduction.

This will strengthen Norilia's position in the market and create added value in both process and market, both for us and our suppliers, says CEO Morten Sollerud, Norilia.

Norilia Nordic is responsible for all sales of Nordic hides and skins from Norilia and Himmerlandskød. The company will sell all hides and skins, and will buy processing services from Norilia and Himmerlandskød.

Nordic hides are known as high quality products in the tanning industry, and we see a large potential in gathering Nordic hides into Norilia Nordic, says CEO Lars Andersen, Himmerlandskød.