Young and old say yes please to protein powder from chicken rest raw materials - results from the HydroProt project

To ensure that the entire chicken is eaten is good for the environment, for health and also economically. Researchers from Nofima have investigated whether Norwegians that are young, old, or particularly interested in sports would be interested in eating food enriched with proteins based on rest raw materials from chicken. This research was done as part of the HydroProt project, and an article has now been published in Matindustrien, at at

Photo: Sune Eriksen - Norilia

Nofima has conducted a consumer study where they asked persons with a special interest in sports, young people and older people, whether they would have an interest in eating foods enriched with proteins from chicken, that are produced from rest raw materials at Bioco. Persons interested in sports where the most sceptical to this concept because they were unsure what the products contained and whether it would be good for health.

However, all groups became more positive when they received more information and knowledge about the products. Those interested in sports thought it was important that any food enrichment was natural. When they understood better that the process used at Bioco, and the resulting products were natural, their scepticism reduced significantly. Chicken protein powder produced in Norway was linked with health and food safety, and consumers have trust in the Norwegian regulations and law.

The full article can be found here (In Norwegian):

The research was done as part of the HydroProt project, which is a project owned by Nortura, with Norilia and Nofima as partners. The Norwegian Research Council funded the project.

Please note that the paper version of Matindustrien contains an error - rest raw materials as mentioned here comprise 23-25 thousand tonnes per year, not 25-30 tonnes.



Heidi Alvestrand

Director Business Development

Marianne Skov, PhD

Chief Advisor Nutrition