Chicken bones may help fight diabetes in the future

Approximately 8% of the world population has diabetes type 2. This is a condition in which the body is not able to handle the sugars from food efficiently. The body does not make enough insulin and has lost some of its sensitivity to insulin, and therefore blood sugar levels are too high over longer periods, which can be bad for health on the long term. A future solution may be found in chicken peptides.

Photo: Nofima

Researchers at Nofima AS in Ås, Norway, have investigated whether dairy and chicken contain peptides that may help individuals with diabetes. The researchers used enzymatic hydrolysis to break down chicken bone proteins into peptides. This process is similar to the one at the Bioco plant that produces Norilia's protein and oil ingredients. They then used complex biochemical methods to find out whether these peptides could have potential health benefits. Nineteen peptides that may help to regulate blood sugar levels were identified. The researchers will now test the actual health effects on diabetic rats.

This work is part of the PepFishing project, led by Sileshi Gizachew Wubshet, Nofima AS. Norilia is involved in this project as an industry partner.

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Marianne Skov, PhD

Chief Advisor Nutrition