Amazing Grazing - Sustainable meat and wool from sheep that graze in the Norwegian rangelands

The main goal of this research project is to provide new knowledge on how sheep rangeland grazing can be part of sustainable food and fiber (textile) systems, and how stakeholders in the value chain can enhance value creation in a wide sense. The project is led by Lise Grøva at NIBIO. Norilia is one of the project partners of the project.

Norway consists mostly of rangelands, with a long history of grazing and 45% of Norway’s land-area can be utilized for grazing. Total feed intake from rangeland grazing by livestock can be doubled. Thus, rangelands in Norway are a resource with potential to provide both more food and fiber. One of the objectives of the project is to develop new insight on characteristics of sustainable production in sheep rangeland grazing systems.

The project has a duration of 4 years. It started this year, more specifically 01.05.2021 and will last until 30.04.2025. #Amazing Grazing is funded by Research Funds for Agriculture and the Food Industry (FFL / JA). Over 30 different business players in all parts of the value chain for meat and wool participate, including Norilia. The project is led by NIBIO Tingvoll. The broad participation from the business community in all parts of the value chain will ensure that knowledge is both shared and disseminated. This can provide transfer value to other grazing animals and plus products.

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