Import of natural casings

Natural casings is a term used for casings (intestines) from sheep, pork, beef and equine origin. Casings from different animals have different diameters. Which casings are best suited depends on the type of sausage that will be produced – each type of sausage has a casing type that fits best. The quality of the casing is also important for both the look and the quality of the final product. Norilia only imports natural casings from countries that have a good food safety status, and we have strict requirements for our suppliers.

Photo: Nortura

Norilia is Norway’s largest player within natural casings

For over 50 years, Norilia has been importing natural cases that are suited for Norwegian sausage production. Norilia has a strong position abroad, thanks to our large purchase volume and long-standing presence in the market. Norilia is the sole supplier to Nortura for natural casings. The close collaboration with Nortura ensures that we have special competence on both quality and specifications of natural casings that are required in sausage production. We take pride in finding quality products from quality suppliers at the right prices for our customers. The natural casings department in Norilia is located in Fredrikstad and is responsible for purchasing, preparing and selling imported casings to Norwegian companies. Norway produces its own natural casings of both sheep and pig, but Norwegian natural casings are not optimal for use in Norwegian sausage production and are therefore exported. Expertise on natural casings is the basis for all work that is done, but equally important is knowledge of sausage production. Among our employees are sausage makers with both trade and master certificates. This professional competence is a strong driving force and forms the basis for all work that is done.

We would be happy to visit your company to share our experience and competence on natural casings.

How can we add value for your company?

Norilia is a reliable partner that uses competence to deliver that what our customers need. We can help you find the right casing for your production. Our aim is to create longlasting partnerships with our customers and our suppliers. Norilia wants to be an attractive partner for all their customers. Due to our precise control of important casings, we know we deliver quality goods, and can keep any wastage to a minimum. We continuously work together with our suppliers to ensure the right quality and prices for the Norwegian market.



Wenche Nordli

Director Natural casings