From plus-products to food – our specialty

Norilia exports plus-products such as pork bones, lamb bones, and beef tendons as food specialties across the globe. Tight collaboration with abattoirs and a focus on quality throughout the supply chain have made our plus-products sought after as food products in other countries.

We know quality

An animal supplies more than just meat. The Norwegian meat industry has a lot of competence in how to harvest the full value during the slaughter process – from all parts of the animal. A focus on quality and a high level of competence, safeguard the production of high-quality plus-products that Norilia can offer as food specialties to our customers.

Why plus-products?

What some may only see as a byproduct, is seen as a valuable raw material by others. Many speak of byproducts, but at Norilia we call them plus-products because this has more positive associations. We see plus-products as valuable and adding a "plus" to our business and for our customers.

Export into the big world

The share of plus-products that is used as food in Norway is small. In contrast, the export of plus-products for use as food grows steadily every year. Norilia has a number of products from pork, small ruminants, and beef that are exported to many different countries. Pig feet and tails, offal, beef tendons, rumen muscle, lamb offal, and lamb bone are just some of the products in our assortment.

Did you know that…

  • Beef tendons are a delicacy in Africa?
  • Beef aorta is a delicacy in Asia?
  • Achilles tendons are a delicacy in the East?

Many consumers across the globe eat everything animals have to offer - from chicken feet to beef tendons. One of the more special export products we have is honeycomb tripe. This is eaten as a delicacy in Japan



Sigurdur Johannesson

Director Food / Pet food

Are Aune

Assistant Director Food / Pet food