From Norwegian raw materials to quality pet food

Norwegian farmers take good care of their animals – farms are small, knowledge about animal husbandry is high, and the use of medication on farms is low. These are some of the factors that make Norwegian raw materials for use in pet food sought after in the market.

Pure raw materials

Norwegian meat production is renowned worldwide for food safety and little use of antibiotics. There are strict guidelines for the nutritional composition and quality of pet food as well. To produce pet food, one has to follow the same quality controls and hygiene protocols as for the production of human food.

Collaboration is key

Norilia AS is a 100% owned daughter company of Nortura SA. Nortura is one of Norway's largest food producers, and the market leader for meat, processed meat products, and eggs in the Norwegian market. Close collaboration with Nortura's abattoirs, and a focus on quality by individual employees, are key factors for securing the high quality of Norwegian raw materials.

Photo: Sune Eriksen

Plus-products are a plus in pet food

The raw materials in this product category are plus-products – or what is commonly known as byproducts in the international market. Norilia delivers plus-products from all livestock species for the production of pet food.

Common plus-products that go into pet food include chicken gizzards, reindeer offal, beef esophagus, penis, testicles, pig tails, rind, lamb offal, and many others. We are a flexible supplier and will fulfil customized orders where possible.

Fresh products also for export

There is a large demand for Norwegian lamb offal abroad. Norilia delivers fresh plus-products of lamb during the hectic autumn months, in Norway and abroad. Thanks to good collaboration and communication with the abattoirs, we manage to deliver 80% of our plus-products fresh, both at home and abroad.



Sigurdur Johannesson

Director Food / Pet food